About Us

Kathy Benoit is a well-known, local professional offering business management tools for 30 years. She is committed to treating every client with respect, care, and compassion. As the new owner of Generations on the Move, she is extremely excited to continue to offer the same high-quality services and personal attention that gave this company it’s outstanding reputation. Kathy will meet with you and take on the tasks necessary to declutter, pack, and unpack at your new home. Leave the details to the team at Generations on the Move.

Kathy Benoit

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(508) 210-0345


Cindy Truax has been a licensed Realtor for the past 27 years and finds great rewards in helping people move from one stage to the next. She has a unique ability to respect the significance that each individual experiences during their changes of address and consistently goes above and beyond to help her clients with their moves. Cindy has assisted countless people coordinate the details of their moves from start to finish always with the goal of keeping the stress low on the homeowners. Every story is different, but she always listens to your needs. You will be gifted with true compassion that she has shared with so many during their moves.

Cindy Truax

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(508) 612-7499